CoQ10 is like the spark in your car’s engine; it helps create the vast majority of the energy in your cells.

Not only does this enzyme have no known negative side effects, we need it to live. Most people do not have enough of it, especially if they take prescription medications for high cholesterol. What does this valuable enzyme do?

Studies prove it increases energy in the body’s cells, serves as a powerful antioxidant, increase the strength of the heart muscle (which is weak in patients with congestive heart failure), and lowers blood pressure by an average of sixteen points (according to the 2011 Journal of Clinical Hypertension).

CoQ10 also reduces the frequency of migraines: after three months of daily CoQ10, the average migraine patient notices a 55% reduction in the number of days of suffering with a headache per month. Last, it increases cells’ glutathione levels 

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