Tea as a health food?  Yes!  If in doubt, research medical and health websites such as PubMed.

Red teas harvested from bush-trees in the semi-arid areas of South Africa and the southern tip of Africa, Rooibos and Honeybush teas are both excellent choices if you enjoy tea.

Rooibos tea has mild anti-inflammatory properties and protects against cirrhosis of the liver and radiation injury to the body’s cells. 

 Honeybush tea has antiviral properties.

Both are naturally sweet and require little or no added sweetener.  Both possess ingredients that help stave off osteoporosis, suppress appetite, and improve sleep.  If you prefer your tea to be on the sweeter side, try dark wildflower, a type of raw honey made in the United States.  I especially like vanilla-flavored Rooibos tea.

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