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You need regular lab testing to check for signs of infection and chronic disease, as well as to confirm or rule out health issues. With the help of Donald Douglas, MD, and the skilled lab technicians at Pleasant Grove Family Clinic, you can undergo in-house lab testing in Texarkana, Texas. If you’re due for labs or need lab orders filled, book an appointment through the website or call to speak with a team member.

Lab Testing Q & A

What are the benefits of lab testing?

Monitoring the progression of your health with routine lab testing is very easy and extremely important. By collecting and evaluating your urine or blood — or both — your doctor gets a comprehensive view of your health. Lab testing can let your doctor know:

  • If you have a hormone imbalance
  • How well your organs are functioning
  • If you have inflammatory markers or infections
  • If you’re at risk of heart disease

Labs are both a preventive and a diagnostic tool. Because Pleasant Grove Family Clinic provides many types of lab testing in-house, your doctor gets your results quickly, so they can let you know if you need any sort of treatment.

Which type of lab testing do I need?

Pleasant Grove Family Clinic offers comprehensive blood lab testing so you can get all of your medical needs met under one roof. Some of the most common types of labs include:

  • Glucose (blood sugar check for diabetes)
  • Liver panel to assess your liver functioning 
  • Lipid panel to evaluate your cholesterol levels
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone or thyroid function check
  • Complete blood cell count (CBC), which measures types of blood cells
  • Basic metabolic panel to check kidney functions and certain nutrient levels

In some cases, you’ll need a urinalysis, which requires that you provide a urine sample in the office. One of the most common lab tests, a urinalysis is a fast and cost-effective way to look for signs of infection, check your kidney function, and monitor diabetes, among other benefits.

How do I prepare for lab testing?

It depends on which lab tests your doctor orders. For a urinalysis, for instance, it’s helpful to arrive at the clinic with a partially full bladder. But you’re welcome to sit in the waiting room and drink water until you’re able to produce a urine sample.

Certain blood tests, including the basic metabolic panel and some glucose tests, require a short period of fasting. Your doctor at Pleasant Grove Family Clinic will recommend avoiding anything — except water and certain medications — for several hours before your blood draw. Because of this, it’s helpful to schedule lab tests first thing in the morning before you eat or drink.

Pleasant Grove Family Clinic provides expanded lab testing right in the office. If you need a lab appointment, you can schedule online or over the phone.