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You need a doctor who knows your medical history inside and out. Because better health care is based on relationships, Donald Douglas, MD, and his team at Pleasant Grove Family Clinic in Texarkana, Texas, provide personalized primary care services. If you need help managing a chronic condition, are experiencing new symptoms, or simply need to establish care with a doctor, the team is available to help. Click on the online scheduling feature or call to book an appointment over the phone.

Primary Care Q & A

What benefits does having a primary care doctor provide?

Having a primary care physician on your medical team serves as your point of contact for all the medical issues you could face. By establishing care with a trusted primary care physician, you:

  • Can get medication refills quickly
  • Undergo preventive screenings and labs regularly
  • Have someone to call anytime you’re sick or injured
  • Have a medical provider who evaluates all of your medical records

Your primary care physician also helps you manage chronic conditions you develop as you get older, as well as any issues you’ve had for an extended period. They can partner with any specialists you need to see, like a cardiologist or endocrinologist, to ensure you receive comprehensive care.

Which services does a primary care doctor provide?

  • Pleasant Grove Family Clinic provides personalized primary care services in a welcoming and compassionate environment. Your physician can:
  • Keep you updated on vaccines, including flu shots
  • Track inherited disorders and health changes
  • Order tests through the on-site lab
  • Do personalized physical exams
  • Help you manage your weight
  • Send out referrals to specialists
  • Manage your medications

Pleasant Grove Family Clinic even offers comprehensive allergy testing, including blood and skin-prick screenings. Your primary care doctor can pinpoint which allergies you have so they can personalize your allergy treatment plan.

How often should I see my primary care doctor?

It depends on your overall health, but in general, the primary care doctors at Pleasant Grove Family Clinic want to see you once a year for a physical exam. However, there are other times when you’ll need to come into the clinic.

For example, if you were recently diagnosed with a chronic health issue like Type 2 diabetes, your doctor at Pleasant Grove Family Clinic will likely recommend twice-a-year preventive care exams. They might even want to see you as often as once every three months.

It’s also important to come into Pleasant Grove Family Clinic anytime you experience an illness or a change in your health. Because the clinic offers on-site lab services, your doctor can often diagnose or rule out any issues quickly so that they can start your treatment as soon as possible.

Pleasant Grove Family Clinic offers comprehensive primary care services for adults of all ages. If you need to establish care with a primary care doctor, book an exam online or by phone today.